Why You Need to Know Lauren from Drop a Love Bomb

I met my new friend Lauren at the Blissdom conference this past week. She is stunningly beautiful. But that’s just what draws you in…
She puts you at ease immediately when you talk to her, she is engaged and focused on you when you speak, and authenticity and humility and grace just radiate from her. Really. She is well read, well spoken, driven to love openly and live like it’s her last day on earth. And to share that with you and encourage you to do the same gives her life purpose.
I had not read anything she had written until I got home from the conference, and I can’t say that I am surprised to discover the depth and scope of her compassion, or that it has roots in a painful past.
Like I have reiterated here on my blog, I believe her brokenness makes her more beautiful than she ever might have been. The result of living through what she has makes her so aware of the suffering others go through, she knows whereof they speak. Her capacity to love is so much broader and deeper. She is still growing and healing, but her faith is secure, and her appreciation of her experiences in making her who she is gives her confidence to look forward in hope and not behind in regret and shame. Her heart longs to encourage and empower others, and to love them with everything she’s got.
I wanted to thank her for her sweet words and her willingness to listen both yesterday and today by sharing her work with you here.
Lauren’s blog is really just brimming with awesome. Seriously. Go get lost over there for a while.
This post is my favorite read so far
This one she submitted to DeeperStory is what got us talking yesterday.
And this is the one she wrote today.
Lauren is about seven different kinds of fabulous all on her own… but in addition to her writing and art and photography and everything else, she also runs Drop a Love Bomb, as well as working with Nate St. Pierre and J. Money to run Love Drop.
Those organizations will get their own blog post and both make me so happy I just about can’t stand it.
She just has a beautiful heart, really. So shoo… go read her blog!

5 thoughts on “Why You Need to Know Lauren from Drop a Love Bomb

  1. Everything you say here is 100% true, and not even an exaggeration. That's how amazing Lauren Lankford is.

    Much love to both of you,

  2. I have never met Lauren in person, but I already see some of these same things in her. She has a wonderful ability to connect to people. And seven different kinds of fabulous? Love that idea. I'm so glad you acknowledged how wonderful she is, because the world needs more Laurens. It really does.

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