What I Thought Was Awesome This Week

This is my weekly list of awesome reads. I am just one person, but I hope that my perspective on awesome gives you new writers to follow that you might not have noticed or been exposed to otherwise. As always, if you read something awesome this week and it’s not here… please link me in the comments!

Miscellaneous Awesome
Heather of the EO writes an epic letter to her children. It floored me.

One Crafty Mother has a conversation about faith and God and chickens with her kids this past week:
On Chickens And God

A life-changing, soul defining moment that everyone should read. Be inspired.
What A Dying Patient Taught Me About Living

Awareness and Recovery

Schmutzie touched my heart again. What resonated in her post for me was the aspect of leaving a major part of her social circle behind as she stepped forward into recovery.
Ask Schmutzie: Why Can’t I Just Cut Down And Go Back To The Pub

Childhood Abuse
Suzanne wrote this stunning fictional piece on behalf of children she knows who have lived these things. On behalf of them, please read it.

Lauren is learning to dream again, and her imagery and descriptiveness get me every time.
a recovering dreamer

Kimberly writes to her son about the night the ambulance came to take her to the hospital, about living with depression, and that he “..gave me a reason to fight every single breathing minute of the day.”
Dear Chunky

The Red Dress Club
Galit responds to the garden hose picture this week by showing us two distinct scenes from her life, and showing how she is passing on her love of water to her daughters
Garden Hose

The descriptiveness in this response to the garden hose prompt was so vivid.. I loved the visual of racing the water from the spigot to the sprinkler, trying to outrun the water flow
In Love And War

Pearls Girl gives a wonderful glimpse into an adopted child’s first experience with clean water from a hose in America
What Is It?

I would make sure you have kleenex handy for this one. Wow. This is a memory that demanded to be written in response to the garden hose prompt. I may never forget this post.
His Name Was Andrew


Rachel in the OC recalls a haunting memory in her response to the prompt “Write a horror story that takes place at Disneyland”
Prince Charming

Runaway Sentence answers the challenge “I write because…” in an unexpected and heartrending way
I Write Because..

MamaKat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop

CrunchyNavyWife pays a tearful tribute to her friend Jessica, recalling the moment the writer ealized she was a grownup.

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  1. Thank you for including me in this fantastic list!

    I am wow-ed by the company I'm in.

    Thank you, dear lady!!

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