What I Thought Was Awesome This Week

I apologize for the heaviness of this week’s awesome reads. They are what spoke to me, and while they are mostly hard to read, they are so worth it. All very well written, some hard truths, many inspiring words, life lessons and loads of insight to fuel compassion. All pages out of their own lives, and shared bravely. Thank you for reading, and I would ask you to leave comments on ones that impact you. I want to make sure more people see these words.

Yael writes at Post Partum Depression to Joy. She is an amazing woman and a wonderful writer, so authentic and real and so full of compassion and empathy for hurting women trying to mother through post partum depression and anxiety. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her this spring. She writes a post this week “dedicated to the millions of mothers who go through the special hell of not feeling love for their baby from the moment of birth”

Schmutzie addresses socialization and not drinking.. and I thought this line was especially powerful and so healthy: “My present realization of myself as a happier, more hopeful, and more resilient person who is nearly free of suicidal ideation depends on those swift, decisive actions, and so I willfully take those actions.”
Whispatory tells a harrowing true story of something she is proud of. Her work as a volunteer on a women’s crisis line led her to one particular night dealing with a woman with multiple personalities. It is fascinating and worth the read.
HannahKatyB writes about serving as a volunteer in the Bronx during her first year out of college. It is full of wonderful life lessons. Spend some time on her site, and I would encourage you to subscribe, too. She has a unique perspective and a wonderful talent for stringing words together to challenge and inspire.
AnyMommy wrote at The Extraordinary Ordinary about the experience of being the relative of an alcoholic. It’s powerful.
Ellie gives us the story of the time she was taken from rehab in an ambulance. Lots of flashback, lots of ugly truth, and some powerful perspective in the present. In the midst of doing wonderfully in recovery, she realizes she cannot afford to forget, or minimize how bad it really was. As always, I am blown away by her transparency and her storytelling. So much love for you, Ellie.
Grocery Dad wrote about the time he ran away from home. This is one of those posts that clearly needed to be written out. He is a great storyteller, placing the reader right next to him, experiencing the event along with him. It is a look into the sort of abuse and dysfunction that takes years to heal from. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This was incredibly brave and I have a lot of respect for the stories he is telling as he is No Longer Quiet.
MamaRobinJ writes about a time she ran away from home too. It was recently, and while there was respite, there were hard things to process, too. Free time to think is a double edged sword sometimes, I understand that.
Dan Rux answered an Indie Ink writer’s challenge: You survived a deadly tornado, but a loved one perished. What happened? This is a true story.

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  1. Jen, I know I've read stuff a lot more recently than May – I'm a little confused – and I know I've commented – drop me a DM in answer my confusion. And I heart your heart that always wants to shine the spotlight on other people – I hope you're being good to yourself – you deserve it. God bless and keep!

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