What I Thought Was Awesome This Week

I KNOW, right?
The return of What I Thought Was Awesome.
I’m glad it’s back, too.
I’ve been writing again. For the first time in months, words and thoughts are flowing. As a result, I’m reading a lot more. So I have to share what I read with YOU.

I know this will shock you, too, but most of this week’s list are heavy things. It’s what resonates with me. You know that. Posts that are filled with emotion, posts that are cathartic and healing for the writer, and validating and that inspire compassion and acceptance from the reader.

That’s my favorite stuff. Posts that advocate for themselves and that I want to honor by promoting.
Here is the long and distinguised list of awesome reads I have collected for you:

Heavy Thinking

from @schmutzie
This Is The First Anniversary Of My Sobriety
The Girl Who Couldn’t Leave
from @maxdubinsky
Stop Serving Jesus Breakfast In Bed

from @sheswrite (at Huffington Post!!)
Fiction That Moves You

Closing Shift – a free ebook short story!!
Just Be Enough
from picsprayersandpompoms
from @wusf
A special subsection of related posts regarding mental illness, suicidal thoughts, community, and the #ppdarmy
Write On Edge : Worst Memory Prompt
(these will be hard to read. They are the entries to the linkup that had the most impact on me, and I wanted to honor the bravery of these writers by spotlighting them here)
from picsprayersandpompoms
from accidentallybydesign

Various And Sundry Awesome

from @5minutesformom (Janice)
from @alliworthington (Happy Birthday to you!!)

15 thoughts on “What I Thought Was Awesome This Week

  1. you're welcome, Cameron. I love my readers, and I hope they will pass along the link to your story after reading!! It's amazing. Love it.

  2. Thank you, Frelle, and it LOOKS like the way you feel here, :BRIGHT AND OPTIMISTIC!!

    THank you, again…and I really enjoyed our time on the phone.

  3. I am so honored to be here among all these women. Remind Me was about being grateful even when It's hard to be..even when I don't want to be or feel I'm worthy and this mention I am grateful for….more than you know!

  4. You're so awesome. Thanks for including me!

    I've read some of these but not all. Will have to get reading!

  5. Thank you so much for mentioning my posts here. What an honor. I am glad to know this blog exists so I can read all these awesome posts.

    I am following you and can't wait to get started.

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