Pinteresting Holiday Crafts

My little fella turned 5 recently, and is about to outgrow the cute little commemorative project stage.

from beneaththeRowantree

I think this idea might make a fun ornament, or framed decoration for displaying at Christmas. He loves using the stamp pad, and getting all colorful and a little messy, so I’ll post the results of this project in a few weeks.


My kids love making sugar cookies and this looks really simple to do as a project over the Christmas holiday.

from SlightlyWhimsical

A relatively healthy, as well as simple, addition to the cookies/carrots we leave out for Santa and the reindeer!

from SugarTotDesigns

I am totally making these for a present for Little Fella!!

from TeaRoseHome

I’ve been looking for a project that will help me make use of the hot water heater closet door just opposite my kitchen. I think I found it! Reminders, cards, kid artwork, and I get to hunt around at Goodwill for unique and vintage looking picture frames!

from WeAreOwls

This is so beautiful. I think I might brush up on my calligraphy and figure out how to make one not only for myself, but maybe as presents for my best girlfriends.

What craft ideas have you discovered recently that you’d like to commit to trying? I’d love some more ideas!!

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7 thoughts on “Pinteresting Holiday Crafts

  1. Pinterest always makes me feel so un-creative…which is a bummer given my blog name ;) But I love it because of posts like this: I LOVE the strawberry idea! We did little reindeer thumbprint art for our Christmas cards one year and my oldest just turned 5 so I’m thinking we’ll have to do it soon or he won’t want to anymore. Good luck on your Pinterest-To-Do-List! :)

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