How to Achieve an Even Skin Tone

Everyone has uneven skin tone – well, maybe not everyone, but uneven skin tone is much more common than one may think.

We go out everyday, exposed to the sun on our way to work, or to do errands and stuff. And even if you’re the type who stays at home a lot, you still end up with uneven skin tone. That’s because apart from the sun’s Ultraviolet rays, lights in general emit their own rays that causes our skin to react and change its color.

So what can one do to have better, and clear skin? Here are a few reasonable and easy tips:

Water is very good

Portrait of young beautiful smiling womanWater does wonders for your skin. Keeping yourself plenty hydrated helps your skin repair itself better and makes it supple. Stick to water, and drink at least 6 to 8 glasses a day. Make it a habit, including cutting out sugary drinks and alcohol (which dries you out), and your skin tone will be able to adjust properly.


When you do get your water habit, help further the hydrating effort by regularly moisturizing your skin. Again, moisture helps keep your skin healthy, and by choosing a moisturizing product, you not only help keep it working in tip-top shape, but you also help protect your skin. Find a sunscreen brand with enough Sun Protection Factor (SPF) to help lessen the effect of the sun on your skin.

Do it with makeup!

If worst comes to worse, and you are in need of an immediate solution to your uneven skin tone, makeup can do wonders! Using foundation on your face that matches your arm tone will help even it out just in time for your special occasion. Concealers also help by covering dark spots on your skin. Find a tone that closely matches your own!

Work out more

Exercise is not just to help keep your weight down and your figure looking better, but it also facilitates better blood circulation, and helps remove dead skin cells. Sweating is good for your skin as it helps release waste from your skin and removes build up of your skin’s natural oils and other foreign particles.

Of course there are medical and professional ways to get clear skin, and your local dermatologist would be sure to help you out. But a healthy lifestyle will get you a long way towards better, clearer skin.

If all else fails, you can always use an umbrella.


Skincare Tips Before Tanning

Skincare Tips Before Tanning


Did you know that it is far better to have your nail polish on before a tanning session? Even if you have acrylic nails or a gel manicure before you start using spray tan on your skin, the spray tan will not affect your nails. The reason for this is because nails and toenails will be cleaned at the end of the spray tan session which prevents your nails from getting stained.Fashion Girl Portrait

Keep in mind that it will be a better experience for you to get your face or body waxed prior the tanning session. Also refrain from waxing after a spray tan or before your first shower. In addition to this, make sure that threading and waxing procedures of eyebrows and lips should be accomplished before the tanning session too. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong if you want your eyebrows plucked after your tanning session while threading can be done after your first shower after your tanning session.

When exfoliating, make sure to use non-oil based, gritty scrub or a loofah before your tanning session. The last thing that you want is to have uneven patches on your skin due to dead skin residue. Also limit your shaving after your tanning session because shaving is also a form of exfoliation though shaving after the initial shower should not pose a problem.

As a final note with regard to skin and nail care, eyelash extension also does not cause any unpleasant experiences. However, make sure that you apply them before the tanning session or apply them during the same day as the tanning session provided that they are done before the actual session.

When it comes to caring for your tanned skin, the key is to keep it moisturized. And even if you have a darker skin than usual, make sure to use sunblock when going out. Moisturizing lotion with high SPF is a good choice since it gives you sun protection and moisturizing effect at the same time.



Healthy Drinks for a Beautiful Skin


Healthy Drinks for a Beautiful Skin

There is a wide range of measures you can take if you want to get tanned skin. You can go for the traditional sun bathing at the beach. You can also use fake tanners if you feel like staying indoors. You can also visit your local tanning salon and use their tanning beds to get that beautiful tan. It is vital however, for you to take extra care of your skin to avoid sunburn, premature skin aging, and skin diseases like skin cancer. A great way to keep your skin looking fresh and beautiful is by drinking healthy drinks such as:


Recent studies shows that drinking coffee can help fight melanoma, which is the deadliest form of skin cancer. It says that drinking more than four cups a day makes it less likely for you to develop the disease within a period of over ten years. Furthermore, caffeinated coffee contains compounds such as polyphenols that can keep cancer cells, created by excessive UV rays, in check. Caffeinated coffee beans also release vitamins that can protect the skin from UV rays. In addition coffee contains antioxidants, which can help keep your skin young.


Water is essential for the human body to function and the skin is no exception. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day can help keep your skin hydrated. This helps your skin cells fight toxins that can cause skin ailments. In addition, hydrated skin is less prone to have blisters and wrinkles. This will help keep your skin looking young and beautiful.

Green Tea 

Hot black tea with lemon and mint on the wooden tableGreen tea is known for its health benefits. It contains polyphenols that can help keep your skin healthy. By regularly drinking green tea, you can prevent cancer cells from forming. Whenever you drink green tea, your skin cells regenerate faster. It is also rich in antioxidants, which helps in keeping your skin looking fresh and healthy.

Fresh Cherry Juice

Like green tea, cherries offer many health benefits to the human body. It fights free radicals, which contributes to cell deterioration. They also activate antioxidant enzymes in the body that helps keep it young and healthy. Going for Tart cherries, such as morello cherries, can help improve your sleeping habit because it contains melatonin. Making cherry juice from fresh cherries can give you a healthy drink rich in antioxidants.

Make it a habit to enjoy these healthy drinks. Doing so will ensure that you retain the beauty and health of your skin.