Getting your tan can be as easy as one, two and three. However, with the recent rise of skin cancer through the means of sunbathing or being constantly exposed to UV rays from tanning salons, it can be quite difficult to achieve the perfect tan. Self tanning is not only a complex approach to tan but results can vary if you’re not consistent. To rectify this mishap, you can gradually apply your self tanner.

Compared to the normal application of a self tanner, gradual application not only gives you the opportunity to get the best results. By putting your tan little by little, you can determine just how saturated your bronze tone is or how dark you want to be. This is especially important for those with fair to pale skin since you’re working on a light palette.

You can also commit to self tanning during your free time. Since we don’t have an entire day to spare for self tanning, a few hours to apply the tanning lotion and to let it dry is all you need. You can even set a schedule to when you want to put your lotion since you only need a smaller amount of time.

Applying gradually also gives your skin a breather. Most self tanners that are ideal of gradual application do not have strong ingredients in them thus you can rest assured that you won’t be experiencing closed poor or engorged ones when you’re dabbing the tan onto yourself.

For self tanners that are dedicated for gradual application, these tanning lotions have a higher value of nutrients compared to the normal ones. Due to the longer commitment but less intense approach to getting a tan, gradual self tanning lotions are infused with moisturizers and various nutrients that help your skin. This means you’re also getting a good amount of pampering during each self tanning session.

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