Skincare Steps After Sunbathing

skincare tipsSunbathing is one of the most beloved activities to do when the warmer days come in. Nowadays, the beach isn’t the only place to get your share of sunbathing; it can be done in an open area in the park or even your own backyard. While a lot of individuals can spend hours on end lying about and basking as much of the sun as they could, you’re putting your skin under further harm. Despite moving out of the sun’s rays, your skin is still under a lot of harm thus you want to do some tender loving aftercare to ensure your skin is healthy after sunbathing.

Once you get under a shade, drink some water. It’s important to replenish your liquids. That said; avoid bathing in hot water after sunbathing. Not only does this cause more discomfort but it will also dry your skin up. Dry skin means a lot of inconvenience as well as ruining your tan. If you’re at home run a cold shower to cool your skin and drink a good amount of cool water. If you’re by the beach, take a quick dip. Good skin can be achieved by giving your skin a breather from the sun’s harsh rays.

In order to maintain healthy tanned skin, you’ll want to incorporate moisturizers in your routine. Moisturizers are very vital to one’s skin since they aid your skin on locking in the needed nutrients especially after sunbathing. You can take a cool bath and lather some lotion and moisturizers on your face. A daily cream can also bolster your skin and make your tan look healthy and glowing. You can also make use of natural versions of moisturizers such as aloe vera. Lather some aloe vera to your skin and let it sit for a while before rinsing off with cool water.


How to Keep Your Skin Smooth

smooth skinTrying to keep beautiful skin is one the hurdles of a busy life. At times we tend to forget to take better care of ourselves that we end up looking too worse for wear. Smooth skin is one of the best ways to show that you’re taking care of yourself. There’s a lot of hazards that can harm our skin and even our lifestyle can determine how we look.

With the changing seasons, trying to maintain good skin can be tricky. However, there are some very easy ways to keep your skin smooth without having to worry about the climate.

– Firstly, you’ll want to keep yourself hydrated. Keeping your liquid intake at least eight glasses a day helps keep your body in tip top condition. It’s been noted that drinking less can be a reason why one has dry skin.

– Don’t go for hot showers during the colder months. Hot showers can dry your skin easily so go for warm showers instead.

– Check the material and chemicals on your clothing and perfumes. Certain chemicals can inhibit skin conditions, especially those with sensitive skin, thus it’s always handy to check out the chemicals used and applied on your day to day items.

– Watch what you eat. If it’s winter, you may want to take in more fat. Fat helps keep your skin supple and smooth during the colder temperatures. Skipping on the greasy food can help keep your skin in good condition as well. Being mindful of what you take in can greatly affect your body especially your skin.

– Make use of creams or moisturizers to help keep your skin well hydrated. Try to choose skin care products that aid in locking in moisture while also keeping it smooth. It’s good practice to apply creams and lotions right after a bath to get the most out of moisturized skin.


What Can Good Sleep Do to Your Skin

benefit of sleepSleep has been said to be a very beneficial task to our body. It’s not surprising since our body needs the time to recuperate. From keeping a healthy heart to making sure we don’t tire out through the day, sleep is very important. During our early childhood, we always saw sleep as a bane and try to avoid it. From adolescence to early adult years, we lived on the phrase “Sleep is for the week.” Unfortunately, skipping on the much needed Z’s can do a lot of damage to our body. In fact, our skin is one of the most obvious physical change when we lack a lot of sleep.

When you lack sleep, there’s an increase of inflammatory cells in your body. More of these cells can cause to break down on collagen and lessen the amount of hyaluronic acid. This acid helps give your skin the glow while collagen keeps the suppleness of your skin.

If you’re trying to slow down the aging process, get enough z’s. We’ve been told that when we lack sleep we look tired and older. It’s quite true since skipping on sleep can help speed up the aging process. We get darker rings around our eyes and even get more wrinkles if we constantly lack sleep.  We also get a pale pallor and experience drier skin if we keep on skipping a good night’s sleep.

For those with skin ailments or those with sensitive skin, skipping on sleep will be a very bad habit for you. It’s been said that a lack of sleep increases the inflammation of skin diseases which can be uncomfortable and be a hassle to work with. In fact, the presence of psoriasis indicates a body inflammation and severe psoriasis can be a telltale sign to future heart problems.


Beauty Tricks to Freshen Up Your Routine

girl-1506653_1280Beauty is always a pleasant sight to the eyes. At times it can be achieved through various means, be it surgery or make up. No one can get the luxury of surgery so makeup is the next best thing. While there’s a lot of beauty trends to follow and beauty enhancements on the market, trying to find the right one for your lifestyle can be a wonky process.

If you have a rigid beauty routine, it can be tiring to have the same look over and over again. Another thing to consider is how redundant your choices of makeup can be. If you want to spice up your beauty regimen while also helping your skin, you can follow these tips:

– Use some natural exfoliators as opposed to the commercial products. If you have sensitive skin, it can be very difficult to find a perfect cleanser. Using oatmeal will sort that out as oatmeal can give your skin a gentle cleansing. You can make use of some milk to dampen the oatmeal and scrub it along your skin to cleanse the layer of impurities. This also helps your skin become suppler without having to tamper your skin.

– If you’re keen on getting your bronzer each and every day, why not consider using a self tanner? This makes contouring semi-permanent while also saving some time spent putting on makeup. You can also get a great coverage with self tanners so that also cuts the time spent on putting on foundation to make a good palette for makeup.

– Never forget to bring some cream. You use your hands a lot thus they’ll also need their share of loving. A hand cream may sound like an odd aid in a beauty regimen but your hands should match how you look. It’s always a great idea to bring even a travel lotion in your bag.