supple skinExfoliating is a very important step to keeping good skin. It’s not advised to have exfoliations when you’re young but when you hit the late twenties or early thirties, your skin is going to start slowing down on pushing the impurities off. If you are into tanning, trying to make the most out of your summer glow is also another way for you to improve your tanning experience.
To beginners, exfoliating can be quite a daunting task. If you aren’t careful, you can overdo it which can leave your skin feeling rough and overly sensitive. Because of this fear, some individuals can also do an underwhelming task of exfoliating. This can leave your skin uneven especially your skin tone.
When is the best time to exfoliate? This can be when you want to get rid of your tanned layer of skin or after two weeks. While it’s still possible to tan every week, it can be very time consuming and can leave your skin sensitive. It’s best to let your skin rest and exfoliate every two weeks.
With that in mind, there are also some tips on how to properly exfoliate your skin.
– Make sure to use good exfoliating tools. This can be creams that have microbeads to exfoliating mitts. With these items at hand, try to go for circular motions during exfoliation. This is a gentler approach and makes sure that you don’t miss a spot.
– Exfoliating is done best during a bath. Your skin is much softer due to the moisture. It’s also easier to wash of the impurities from exfoliating while you’re taking a bath. Try to turn off the shower while you exfoliate to avoid washing off the soap that helps cluster up the impurities.
– Set a specific time and date for exfoliating.

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