Making yourself look better can be through numerous ways. Makeup is one of the easiest way to change how you look. The only downside to using makeup is how transient it can be. If it’s too hot or too cold, you’re going to ruin your makeup either way. If you sweat a lot or have sensitive skin, that’s going to spell a problem when putting on makeup.

One way to make sure you have less time worrying about makeup is using a self-tanner. Self tanners is a method of getting a tan without having to go through sunbathing or indoor tanning. You use chemicals to get the summer glow which is much healthier in contrast to the usual methods of tanning.


Self tanning can be quite daunting since you need to apply it. In order to lessen the fear that usually comes with it, self tanning is a semi-permanent approach to getting a bronzer on your skin. If you want to make the most out of your self tanner here are some makeup tips you can use it with:
– Self tanners offer great coverage thus they work well as a means of foundation. This gives you a good overall palette to work with when putting on make up. Since putting on foundation can take some time, using self tanners as a foundation would surely cut the time you put on makeup.
– As said earlier, self tanners can work as a bronzer. This means you can do a semi-permanent approach to contouring. Contouring especially using a bronzer can be tricky if you’re not used to it but very rewarding once you get how it works. For self tanners to be used in this method, you may want to be familiar of how to best contour your skin prior to application.

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