beautiful skinExfoliating is a very important step to getting better skin. If you hit the mark of your late 20’s to early 30’s, you’re going to experience your body slowing down in some departments. This can be very taxing if you’re not keen on taking better of your skin.
To rectify this, following a strict skin care regimen can be a good habit. As was mentioned earlier, exfoliating your skin a good way. However, some individuals can get carried away and overdo this. Doing too much exfoliation can lead to more sensitive skin or even some skin care issues. To get a better idea of what you can do, here are some ways to tell when you should stop exfoliating:
– If you’ve done your exfoliating in a week, don’t do another one any time soon. Ideally, you want to do an exfoliating session once every two weeks. This is the right amount of time for your skin to really shed off.
– If your skin has become sensitive, stop. Overdoing something is one thing but doing it with too much force is another. Try to be gentler when you exfoliate. If you aren’t sure, try some natural means of exfoliating such as oatmeal or brown sugar. They don’t dry your skin so you can enjoy great skin.
– If you have some scratches or other skin lesions, you’ll want to stop exfoliating for a while. Doing too much exfoliation not only leaves your skin very sensitive but also prone to damage. Try to limit your exfoliation when you have cuts or scratches as putting this under the harsh texture of an exfoliating medium can only aggravate it.
To make your exfoliating sessions much better, you can plan out when you’re going to do it every month. It’s always a good idea to schedule it two weeks apart so you can make the most out each session.

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