Tanned skin has always been the preferred method to look great without having to do anything drastic. If you want a quick makeover, get a tan. That’s what we always hear and it’s quite true. With sunbathing, indoor tanning and self tanning, you can get a tan quite easily.
If you’re new to the tanning fiasco, trying to put on makeup can seem like a struggle. Not to worry, it’s a normal hurdle for newbies. They don’t want to overdo their makeup or also have make that doesn’t compliment their newly acquired summer glow.

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If you want to have a better eye makeup experience with your tan, here are some tips:
– Try to determine what even you’re going for. Remember the time of the day has different intensities to makeup so you want to follow that.
– What’s your undertone? Normally this concern is heavily reliant on what shade of foundation you’re using but it’s also important if you’re putting on some eye makeup. Try to look for cooler tones if your skin is too warm and warmer tones for cooler skin. Try to be mindful of your kind of tan. You don’t want to go for really bright colors on your heavily bronze skin.
– Blending is your best friend. Two shades can be good but blending makes it a beauty. Try to go for eye makeup that goes well with what you wear. If you’re using multiple shades, mix them and blend as much as possible.
– Experiment. You don’t wanna have plans ahead before you experiment. You know how you look best when you don’t have a tan so try to experiment with which makeup look works best for you now that you have a tan. Remember to avoid overdoing it or you’re going to be quite an eye-catcher.

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