How to Keep Your Summer Glow

supple skinGetting the summer glow is easy. You can either go for sunbathing, indoor tanning or self tanning. Whichever method you’re going for, it can be hard or difficult to get tanned skin. If you’re going for the sunbathing and indoor tanning route, you can easily get it by just exposing your skin to the UV rays. If you aren’t keen on soaking in a lot of UV radiation, you can opt for self tanners. Self tanners are an applied means to getting tanned skin.
Whichever option you choose to take, tanning can be tedious to take care of. If you want to keep your summer glow as long as possible, here are some ways to doing so:
– Avoid drying your skin. You can make use of moisturizers or creams to keep your skin hydrated. While you can pluck any product off the shelf, it’s important to check the labels. Any skin care product that contains retinol can burn off your self tan.
– Don’t go for any pools or any beaches for the meantime. Sea water is an easy ticket to dry skin while pools contain chlorine which have bleaching properties. Taking a quick dip is no problem but if you consistently swim or visit the pool, it can easily lighten your skin tone. This can also lead to uneven skin tone which can ruin your complexion.
– Despite having a tan, it’s still a good idea to put on some sunscreen. Sunscreen is the most effective way to keeping your skin well. Try to put on some sunscreen before heading out, which would be at least thirty minutes ahead. Also, remember that sunscreen can last between two-three hours thus make sure to re-apply when needed.
– Eat food that can help keep your summer glow. Foods rich in carotenoid such as carrots are an ideal example.


Things to Consider When Buying Moisturizing Lotion

supple skinAs we grow older, it becomes a necessity to take better care of our skin. Sure soap can do a lot but going for a skin care regimen can go a long way. When it comes to a great skin care regimen, you need a good moisturizer. Moisturizers are very important to keep your skin supple and is the easiest manner of nourishing your skin.
You can easily pluck any moisturizer on the shelf if you’d like but it doesn’t mean it will work out for you. Remember, there’s a reason why there’s a variety of skin care products on the market; you can’t be too sure which works for you and which doesn’t. To narrow down which moisturizer you’ll need for your skin care regimen, here are some things to consider:
If you have a self tan, avoid any products with retinol. Retinol can burn through your self tan and leave a nasty uneven skin tone. Try to check the labels of the products you’re buying to avoid a possible mishap.
Another matter to consider is what kind of moisturizer you’re buying that can suit your skin type and lifestyle. It’s already common knowledge that we can’t just use any moisturizer on our skin. Try to find the moisturizer that works best with your skin and lifestyle. It would also be best to have a light moisturizer if you’re always on the go.
Do you put on some makeup? If you do, it’s always a good idea to look up which moisturizers can be used along with makeup.
It’s always a great idea to spend a little more on something that you can work well with your skin so try to find the ideal moisturizer that can settle for your lifestyle and your skin type.


Why Organic Self Tanners are Better

Getting a summer glow can be one of the most coveting things to do during summer. Not only is the season a great time to get your share of the sun but you also have a lot of activities in stone.

girl-long-hair-white-beautyWhile sunbathing can be the cheapest option to getting tanned skin, it’s not the healthiest. Consistently exposing yourself to the sun can cause a lot of harm, even lead to skin cancer. It’s due to the rise of sunbathing that skin cancer has become one of the top most cancers across the world.
Self tanning is a good alternative since it doesn’t involve the UV radiation. While self tanning makes use of chemicals, there’s also the option to going for Organic Self tanners. Organic self tanners make use of natural ingredients, such as coffee and chocolate, to give you the summer glow.
While there’s a lot of chemical self tanners in the market, reading each label to determine if it’s good for you or not can be very taxing. A work around on this would be to rely on organic self tanners such as those from Thermalabs.
Aside from saving time on reading the label, you can also save time on checking which works for you and which doesn’t. When you’re going for an organic self tanner, you can not only enjoy the self tanner but you can also rest assured that you’re giving your skin a nourishing. Organic self tanners do less harm since they’re derived from natural sources. You can also use various skin care products from organic sources to help nourish your skin further.
If you have sensitive skin, opting for organic self tanners would be more ideal for you. Organic self tanners are not harsh on your skin and also lead to lesser chances of allergic reaction.


Food for Healthier Skin

cherry-tomatoes-close-up-colors-1327838With the food industry growing bigger and bigger, we want the convenience of sustaining our busy lives. We tend to forget what we chow on when trying to stave off our hunger. While that can be the easy way to sort our needs, it’s not healthy in the long run. It’s always a good idea to invest on the right food to keep your body in tip top condition.
If you don’t watch what you’re putting into your body, it can not only lead to a lot of health issues, your skin is the first thing that gets affected. As we get older, our body tends to delegate more attention to keep us functioning everyday so it can be a lot of harm if you don’t manage your meals.
We are what we eat thus here are some food you can chow on to have healthier skin.
– Fish. While you can’t just pluck any fish and chow on it, opt for fish that is high in fat such as salmon. The fatty fish contain omega 3 which is very important to keeping your skin supple.
– Avocado has become quite a famous fruit. With the keto diet getting more traction, it’s not surprising to see individuals chomp on their fair share of avocados. Avocado gives you a heaping serving of healthy fat that helps keep your skin glowing. You’ll enjoy the fatty goodness also aids in keeping your skin supple as well.
– Tomatoes have a lot of antioxidants which is important to your body. The role of antioxidants for your skin is quite significant. Antioxidants help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Thus if you’re planning to do some sunbathing, it’s best to have a good amount of tomatoes eaten beforehand. You don’t want to overdo though.


Natural Exfoliators to Try

Did you know that once you hit your late twenties or early thirties your skin no longer pushes out the layer of impurities off? It can be hard to imagine that at such a young age your body is already delegating the priorities to other parts but that’s just how it is. If you’re not going to exfoliate your skin, you’ll end up having enflamed pores that leads to acne and uneven skin tone.

beautiful skin
To rectify this, you’ll want to incorporate exfoliating into your skin care regimen. Exfoliating your skin is an important part of a skin care regiment however, you should only exfoliate your skin at most once every week or twice a week. If you overdo on exfoliating, you’ll end up with very sensitive skin that can be easily damaged by the elements.
While there’s a lot of commercially available exfoliators in the market, here are some natural exfoliators you can try:
Oatmeal is a great exfoliator. Not only is it gentle on the skin but it also leaves your skin moisturized. This is ideal for individuals who have very sensitive skin. If paired with milk, you get twice the moisturizing factor compared to other natural exfoliators.
Brown sugar and honey. Brown sugar may be coarse by nature but it’s a great exfoliator since it doesn’t aggravate your skin. If you add some honey into the mix, you’re putting more value to the exfoliation. Honey has antibacterial properties thus it can help keep your skin healthy without drying it out. You might need to add a little bit of water to be able to make a paste since honey and brown sugar alone won’t be easily applied or rubbed on your skin.
Let the concoctions set for at least five minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. Make sure to rub in a gentle, circular motion so you don’t miss a spot.


Eye Makeup Tips for Tanned Face

Tanned skin has always been the preferred method to look great without having to do anything drastic. If you want a quick makeover, get a tan. That’s what we always hear and it’s quite true. With sunbathing, indoor tanning and self tanning, you can get a tan quite easily.
If you’re new to the tanning fiasco, trying to put on makeup can seem like a struggle. Not to worry, it’s a normal hurdle for newbies. They don’t want to overdo their makeup or also have make that doesn’t compliment their newly acquired summer glow.

Fashion  Girl Portrait
If you want to have a better eye makeup experience with your tan, here are some tips:
– Try to determine what even you’re going for. Remember the time of the day has different intensities to makeup so you want to follow that.
– What’s your undertone? Normally this concern is heavily reliant on what shade of foundation you’re using but it’s also important if you’re putting on some eye makeup. Try to look for cooler tones if your skin is too warm and warmer tones for cooler skin. Try to be mindful of your kind of tan. You don’t want to go for really bright colors on your heavily bronze skin.
– Blending is your best friend. Two shades can be good but blending makes it a beauty. Try to go for eye makeup that goes well with what you wear. If you’re using multiple shades, mix them and blend as much as possible.
– Experiment. You don’t wanna have plans ahead before you experiment. You know how you look best when you don’t have a tan so try to experiment with which makeup look works best for you now that you have a tan. Remember to avoid overdoing it or you’re going to be quite an eye-catcher.


When to Stop Exfoliating

beautiful skinExfoliating is a very important step to getting better skin. If you hit the mark of your late 20’s to early 30’s, you’re going to experience your body slowing down in some departments. This can be very taxing if you’re not keen on taking better of your skin.
To rectify this, following a strict skin care regimen can be a good habit. As was mentioned earlier, exfoliating your skin a good way. However, some individuals can get carried away and overdo this. Doing too much exfoliation can lead to more sensitive skin or even some skin care issues. To get a better idea of what you can do, here are some ways to tell when you should stop exfoliating:
– If you’ve done your exfoliating in a week, don’t do another one any time soon. Ideally, you want to do an exfoliating session once every two weeks. This is the right amount of time for your skin to really shed off.
– If your skin has become sensitive, stop. Overdoing something is one thing but doing it with too much force is another. Try to be gentler when you exfoliate. If you aren’t sure, try some natural means of exfoliating such as oatmeal or brown sugar. They don’t dry your skin so you can enjoy great skin.
– If you have some scratches or other skin lesions, you’ll want to stop exfoliating for a while. Doing too much exfoliation not only leaves your skin very sensitive but also prone to damage. Try to limit your exfoliation when you have cuts or scratches as putting this under the harsh texture of an exfoliating medium can only aggravate it.
To make your exfoliating sessions much better, you can plan out when you’re going to do it every month. It’s always a good idea to schedule it two weeks apart so you can make the most out each session.


Makeup Add On: Self Tanner

Making yourself look better can be through numerous ways. Makeup is one of the easiest way to change how you look. The only downside to using makeup is how transient it can be. If it’s too hot or too cold, you’re going to ruin your makeup either way. If you sweat a lot or have sensitive skin, that’s going to spell a problem when putting on makeup.

One way to make sure you have less time worrying about makeup is using a self-tanner. Self tanners is a method of getting a tan without having to go through sunbathing or indoor tanning. You use chemicals to get the summer glow which is much healthier in contrast to the usual methods of tanning.


Self tanning can be quite daunting since you need to apply it. In order to lessen the fear that usually comes with it, self tanning is a semi-permanent approach to getting a bronzer on your skin. If you want to make the most out of your self tanner here are some makeup tips you can use it with:
– Self tanners offer great coverage thus they work well as a means of foundation. This gives you a good overall palette to work with when putting on make up. Since putting on foundation can take some time, using self tanners as a foundation would surely cut the time you put on makeup.
– As said earlier, self tanners can work as a bronzer. This means you can do a semi-permanent approach to contouring. Contouring especially using a bronzer can be tricky if you’re not used to it but very rewarding once you get how it works. For self tanners to be used in this method, you may want to be familiar of how to best contour your skin prior to application.


Best Time to Exfoliate

supple skinExfoliating is a very important step to keeping good skin. It’s not advised to have exfoliations when you’re young but when you hit the late twenties or early thirties, your skin is going to start slowing down on pushing the impurities off. If you are into tanning, trying to make the most out of your summer glow is also another way for you to improve your tanning experience.
To beginners, exfoliating can be quite a daunting task. If you aren’t careful, you can overdo it which can leave your skin feeling rough and overly sensitive. Because of this fear, some individuals can also do an underwhelming task of exfoliating. This can leave your skin uneven especially your skin tone.
When is the best time to exfoliate? This can be when you want to get rid of your tanned layer of skin or after two weeks. While it’s still possible to tan every week, it can be very time consuming and can leave your skin sensitive. It’s best to let your skin rest and exfoliate every two weeks.
With that in mind, there are also some tips on how to properly exfoliate your skin.
– Make sure to use good exfoliating tools. This can be creams that have microbeads to exfoliating mitts. With these items at hand, try to go for circular motions during exfoliation. This is a gentler approach and makes sure that you don’t miss a spot.
– Exfoliating is done best during a bath. Your skin is much softer due to the moisture. It’s also easier to wash of the impurities from exfoliating while you’re taking a bath. Try to turn off the shower while you exfoliate to avoid washing off the soap that helps cluster up the impurities.
– Set a specific time and date for exfoliating.


Best Way to Exfoliate Darker Skin

Exfoliation is a very important step to keeping good skin and keeping a good tan. In fact, any good skin care regimen involves exfoliating to really keep great skin. There’s really no difference between light or dark skin when it comes to exfoliating. However, here are some tips on how you can do a good exfoliation.


  • Exfoliating skin care products are common in the market but there are some natural means to exfoliate such as oatmeal and honey or buttermilk. Oatmeal is good in removing the topmost layer of dead skin cells but also leaving your skin moisturized. Buttermilk can effectively lighten your skin but it is also a softer approach to removing any dirt and impurities that have clung to your skin.
  • You can also make use of some common exfoliating items such as a loofa, an exfoliating mitt and etc. These items are good for your skin if you don’t exfoliate often. One word of caution, overdoing on exfoliation can leave your skin dry, damaged or very sensitive. Normally, you’d want to gently rub the exfoliating mediums on your skin in a circular motion to make sure that you have thoroughly exfoliated your body.
  • In some cases, individuals would use some wash cloth to exfoliate their skin. This is more common when an individual want to exfoliate a large area of skin. Exfoliation is a great way to relax for exam especially after a long day of being out.

It’s important to limit the time you do your exfoliation at most twice a week. In most cases, it’s actually better to exfoliate once every two weeks. This gives your skin time to be able to adjust to the environment and avoid being too sensitive. There’s also the concept of over-exfoliating where it leaves your skin very sensitive thus being more susceptible to the elements.