Dress Guide – What to Wear to a Holiday Christmas Party

It is just a few days before Christmas and choosing the best dress for an upcoming holiday party can be tough. On the other hand, visiting the mall to buy a dress can be a hassle, especially if everyone is doing the same thing. Fortunately, there are many ways to achieve this without spending a lot.

  1. Go All Out In A Party Dress

people, holidays, luxury and glamour concept - woman in eveningThere is no reason for you to hold back. It is the holiday season after all. Go wear your shiny jewelries and accessories. Go with bright colors that you feel will express your inner beauty. Make sure to choose a dress that comes with sleeves and a cami underneath, especially if it is cold outside. You can also go for a cocktail dress in black, red, jewel tones, silver, or gold.

  1. Go Simple

You can pair dressy pants with easy-to-wear tops. The dramatic silhouette of the wide leg trousers will make you look glamorous. You can also complement them with a contrasting blazer for a quick haute look or add an extra layer with a short-sleeved sequined sweater.

  1. Go for Skirts 

If you want to look more feminine, then going for skirts is the way to go. Wear an A-line, straight, or lace skirt to achieve this appeal. You can also wear a pair of shoes with a bright red color.

  1. Go Casual 

If you want to wear something comfortable, then you can simply wear your jeans. You may want to choose dark-colored jeans to make you look fitter. Find a top that is dressier than your normal top. If you want to attend the party with some accessory, a cocktail ring will suffice.

  1. Dress-Up With Accessories

Accessories add flair to your getup. Wear your extravagant shoes and fanciest clutches. These make a good combination with casual clothing. You can also try going for a sequined clutch, a statement cocktail ring, and a long simple necklace. This works best if you plan to wear your hair down and if your top or dress has a modest neckline. You can also pick a wide statement necklace and carry a mini-bag on a long chain. This complement tops that come with deep neckline. On the other hand, you also have the option to wear a statement chandelier earring, a wrist cuff, and a simple satin clutch. This will complement styles where you wear your hair up or if your top has an exposed back.

Dressing up this holiday season will make you feel good about yourself and can help you enjoy the party more.