What Can Good Sleep Do to Your Skin

benefit of sleepSleep has been said to be a very beneficial task to our body. It’s not surprising since our body needs the time to recuperate. From keeping a healthy heart to making sure we don’t tire out through the day, sleep is very important. During our early childhood, we always saw sleep as a bane and try to avoid it. From adolescence to early adult years, we lived on the phrase “Sleep is for the week.” Unfortunately, skipping on the much needed Z’s can do a lot of damage to our body. In fact, our skin is one of the most obvious physical change when we lack a lot of sleep.

When you lack sleep, there’s an increase of inflammatory cells in your body. More of these cells can cause to break down on collagen and lessen the amount of hyaluronic acid. This acid helps give your skin the glow while collagen keeps the suppleness of your skin.

If you’re trying to slow down the aging process, get enough z’s. We’ve been told that when we lack sleep we look tired and older. It’s quite true since skipping on sleep can help speed up the aging process. We get darker rings around our eyes and even get more wrinkles if we constantly lack sleep.  We also get a pale pallor and experience drier skin if we keep on skipping a good night’s sleep.

For those with skin ailments or those with sensitive skin, skipping on sleep will be a very bad habit for you. It’s been said that a lack of sleep increases the inflammation of skin diseases which can be uncomfortable and be a hassle to work with. In fact, the presence of psoriasis indicates a body inflammation and severe psoriasis can be a telltale sign to future heart problems.